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How IoT is made easy – You can do it too!


Do you have an idea for an IoT product, but you are holding off because the project seems daunting to you?
Or you think your project is too small to justify development?
Fret not. The solution to professional quality DIY IoT is now within your reach!

When Ken Yu, founder and CEO of RAKwireless, thought in 2014 about the future of the Internet of Things, he recognized the huge potential. He also foresaw one big drawback: The existing large manufacturers would likely make their own products IoT compliant, but who would take care of smaller projects that can be equally impactful of the quality of life of people but that are not backed by lots of funding from manufacturers?

Ken was a small player in the market at the time. If he wanted to ride the IoT wave, he had to come up with a solution to bring IoT to the masses. Looking around at the local manufacturing scene, he saw companies making modular IoT kits available. But he was not charmed by the quality of the products and certainly not by the lack of service provides by these manufacturers. 

He then recognized the missing puzzle piece: A high quality,  in Shenzhen produced and affordable modular DIY IoT kit. Complimented with great service and, as he calls it, an IoT academy to teach young and old, green and veteran developers how to efficiently create custom IoT projects with off the shelve components, a great service department and a library of impressive instruction video's to support successful implementation.

The Internet of Things is an online network that connects devices together and let them talk to each other. The benefit of this is that labor intensive processes can be automated and simple  processes on hard to reach locations can be performed without the need to travel there.

Fast forward to 2020, RAKwireless now provides easy to use IoT modules to Value Added Resellers and Authorized Distributors in 13 countries spread over all continents. And they deliver more than hardware. Their service offices worldwide feature both Chinese and local staff to support clients in their own time zone and their own language.

Ken visited TroubleMaker the Saturday before TechBBQ Shenzhen 2020 and I immediately took the opportunity to have a chat with him about how his products solve IoT challenges for product developers worldwide. Here is the video of our meeting. 🙂

About the products

Let's take the WisBlock series as example.

The base provides the power and debugging.  The core can provide Lora, NBIOT or Bluetooth Low Energy, the sensor block is the data acquisition module of the set and the IO module extends the possibilities with cellular, Wi-Fi, displays, LEDS, NFC reader, buttons, and ports for USB, I2C, UART, ADC, and GPIO.

These modules and the matching extensions are available at the RAK store online and from Authorized Distributors and Value Added Resellers worldwide.

RAKwireless and TroubleMaker have a similar view on quality and enabling people with a good idea in realizing their product. It makes sense for us to work together and help members and fans who want to create an IoT solution with access to tailor-made information and affordable products.

How will we do this?

1) Subscribe to the TechBBQ newsletter and receive a discount voucher from RAKwireless to get you started even more affordably. The voucher can be redeemed online and is valid all around the world. 🙂

2) Let us know in the comments what IoT solution you would like to create. We will record a practical, step-by-step, explainer video with the RAKwireless components and software at our TroubleMaker lab to get you going!


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