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As a virtually unlimited source of value you want to be at TechBBQ because that is where the people who need you gather to learn, mingle and enjoy a good time.

You want to make sure to actually partner up because this is how you will keep access to valuable and ever-growing community based resources for months' after TechBBQ has ended.

You will have have a "Speaker profile" on the website in which you add your company information and the title and description of your speech.

Attendees of TechBBQ will find your profile, read about your speech and sign up to hear your message.

You will have a booth right smack at the barbeque where you can receive people under the joy of good food and drinks.

Your information will stay available in our database for people to find you and you will have six months' access to find suitable partners or clients.

Your logo will be shown on several pages of our website with a link to yours.

The Match&Meet service increases your meeting success rate by up to 600% and personal matching service continues for two months' after the event.

You will receive 10 VIP Passes, 20 All-In passes and 30 Conference passes to share with whomever you think is fit to join the party.

You can secure all these benefits for your startup by signing up here.

If you have questions or need more information, then you can reach out here.