November 21

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Recap of TechBBQ Shenzhen 2020


It's a wrap, but TechBBQ goes on!

The conference is over, but everyone is still following up on the new connections that were made at TechBBQ.

The numbers of the second edition of TechBBQ Shenzhen

 With the borders closed due to Covid-19, receiving over 100 people at TechBBQ Shenzhen is an achievement!

It wasn't until the last week of October that we had "green light" from all stakeholders to go ahead with an in-person event in Shenzhen. This left us with only three weeks time to prepare and invite people. Nonetheless, everyone is really exited with the results. Especially attendees who didn't have a chance to join in-person activities for a long time were craving for a high-quality event and grabbed the opportunity to mingle, learn and... have a great BBQ!

The numbers

  • 89 people pre-registered of which 30 women
  • 10 people registered at the door
  • A number of resident members of TroubleMaker joined in
  • Three attendees are from the Dutch and American consulate
  • One attendee is a journalist from Holland
  • 16 people registered to attend online
  • 43 people registered to stay notified and may have attended online
  • 13 volunteers helped realizing a great event
  • The next morning, my hand was still warm from shaking hands 😀

And we served

  • Hundreds of handmade Italian sausages, steaks and German sausages for the meat lovers
  • Plenty of falafel and vegetable-only rolls and sandwiches for the vegan choice
  • Grilled eggplants and bell peppers for all in Italian style BBQ
  • French baguettes and pita bread for all tastes
  • Free flow craft beers, French wine and soft drinks
  • And all served in eco-friendly dishes and cups 🙂

And, there's one other thing I'm very pleased about.

At a previous event we had received feedback that there was not enough choice of vegan or vegetarian dishes. 

This year we prepared 4 varieties of grilled vegetables and served a generous amount of great tasting vegan specialties. Now, here it comes: Several team members reported people saying they never saw such an abundant choice of vegan food at an event and that even non-vegan people couldn't resist the mini burgers and wraps because they were so damn tasty! 😀

So, ping me if you want a referral to our vegan caterer!

Video proof!

For those who attended and want to re-live the memories and for those who couldn't make it, we recorded the highlights on video and here is the result. 🙂

What's up next?

We keep adding value to the community.

  • This blog continues growing with news, updates and interviews that help you connect to new startup and business resources.
  • A Facebook group reserved and only accessible for people who have registered to attend in-person or online. This way, you can still meet conference attendees months after the event itself.
  • TroubleMaker regularly organizes intimate in-person community events to grow the tech-community and connect people.

Does this resonate with you? Do you have questions? Or would you'd like to help growing the community? Reach out right now!

Jakob N. Krogh-Jensen did an engaging talk on the power of Trademarking your brand

Were you there?

I'd love to meet you in the comment section below!


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