Pictures say more than a thousand words. This was TechBBQ Shenzhen 2019

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What are the ingredients for a GREAT BBQ?

The ingredients of a great BBQ hide in plain sight.  Let us show you how we create the HOTTEST BBQ with 3X nothing less than the best!

Real meat

Ingredient 1 Real meat

Nothing less than the best

Have you ever been to one of those events where they say "catering included" and then you arrive and find sandwiches or cake? Not so at TroubleMaker and especially at TechBBQ!

We serve REAL meat. For example pork chop, hand-made Italian and German sausages and chicken wings!

And we serve FRESH veggies for vegan and vegetarian visitors :)

Real beers

Ingredient 2 Real beers

Again: Nothing less than the best

When it comes to drinks, we are kind of picky. We only serve draft or craft beers. Last year we had Vedett on draft and cans of Bionic Brew. This year we have two draft beers: Metropolis IPA and Crickside Golden Ale for something lighter.

It goes without saying that we also serve French wine's, lemonades, soda's and other drinks to match everyone's taste.

Picture of a group of people at an outdoor conference

Ingredient 3 Community

And finally: Nothing less than the best

The TechBBQ Shenzhen community is amazingly diverse, from entrepreneur to consul and from startup to VC. They are all there!

The best thing is that you are welcome as you are. Casual dressing is just fine and if you feel more comfy in a suit, go ahead. We love diversity and inclusion!

Picture of meat on a barbeque

BBQ program & Schedule

Fresh, Hot & Generous


Doors open




Get ready for the conference

22:00 till the lights go out

After party!

We Made History
TechBBQ Shenzhen 2019

Before November 2019, TechBBQ was purely a Danish event. Not just any event. With 8,000 attendees it is the largest Tech Conference of Scandinavia.

When the Nordic organizers visited TroubleMaker, they immediately recognized the similarities in community culture and they fell in love with our beautiful rooftop garden.

The very first TechBBQ outside of Denmark then was a fact. :)