30' IoT

DIY, IoT and Home Automation with APP



  • Implement functional prototypes in minutes
  • Experiment smart IoT interaction
  • Activate remote controlled Home Automation
  • Discover cool people, components, and modules
  • Link with mentors and experts
    Connected to the TROUBLEMAKER automation community

A revolving workshop with a number of experiment sets to try, learn, modify in short sessions.

Pick one of the available sets or join one of the teams, get started following an easy guide and then develop according to your idea.

Be your own guide, help others and get their help, ask to the mentors and assistants when you have doubts

RC Light timer

Remote control light timer

  • Local and remote switch
  • Mobile phone Faceplate
  • Remote setting and activation

4 Season wake-up

Breeze and light control

  • Light and breeze wake-up
  • Seasonal light tint
  • Daylight cycle


HVAC Control

AC and Heating control

  • Temperature sensing and setting
  • Cooling / heating control
  • Remote control

and much more

  • Bring your idea and create a new challenge
  • Discover the functions and combine them
  • Ask the mentors and the other participants
  • Get an IoT set and bring your solution with you

Plant Watering

IoT Home Farm

  • Humidity and temperature sensing
  • Activation timer
  • Remote setting and monitoring



Pietro Mincuzzi